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Truman Scholars are required to file several types of reports with the Foundation in order to access their Scholarship funding.  
These reports include:
  1. Annual Reports:  Filed by every Scholar who is awaiting or currently receiving Foundation funding.  These reports are due July 15 of each year until a Scholar receives their final Scholarship payment.
  2. Graduate School Proposals:  Filed by any Scholar who plans to request Foundation funding for a degree program.  These reports are due December 1 prior to the year in which a Scholar plans to request funding.
  3. Employment Reports:  Filed by any Scholar, selected after 2005, who has used Foundation funds to pay for a graduate degree program.  These reports are also due on July 15 of each year until a Scholar fulfils the service requirement.  For additional information, please see the Scholar FAQ on Accountability.

Once a Scholar has an approved Graduate Scholar proposal, they must formally request Foundation funding.  More information on this process, as well as the forms necessary to request funds, are found on the right hand side of the Scholar dashboard once a Scholar has logged into the website.