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Information for Advisors for the Truman Scholarship program. Includes sections on the general duties of advisors as well as more in-depth resources to assist with campus selection. 

Message from the Executive Secretary

A message from our Executive Secretary, Dr. Terry Babcock Lumish, to all registered Advisors.

November 11, 2021
Dear colleague,

Welcome to the 2022 Truman application cycle! 

We appreciate your patience as we complete the redesign of our application, which is now open and available here ( You should be able to log into our new website using the same credentials. You can also reset your password from this page. As always, if you have difficulty, please contact Tara Yglesias ( For those who registered applicants on our current website, you will need to re-register them on the new one. Both will continue to be available for the next several weeks so that everyone can move their materials. Applications are due on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

Consistent with our recent years’ messaging and annual cohorts, there is no one-size-fits-all Truman Scholar. When it comes to cultivating leaders, our diversity is our strength. We see stellar applicants working in traditional political and policy roles – the campaign volunteer, the campus reformer, the nonprofit leader, the community activist – but we also welcome applicants pursuing meaningful change via science, technology, the arts, and other innovative avenues. 

We realize that the world is still very different from pre-pandemic times, which will be reflected in our annual competition. We respect that there are challenges we can see and know from our application, as well as many we cannot. We, along with all of our readers and interviewers, do our best to take into account the recent years' realities to give each Truman applicant the fairest possible consideration. There are ways that you can help – both by continuing to provide guidance and support, as well as alerting us to issues that may not be obvious from an applicant’s written materials.

We are acutely aware of the challenges facing not only applicants but also campus communities, including all of you. We recognize that many face hardships introduced by illness and economic instability. Campus resources – including advising – are stretched thin and subject to conflicting demands. Accordingly, Truman Foundation staff is here to assist however we can. 

While much has changed in our world, the content and questions in our application, as well as our selection criteria, have not. You will see an updated website, but the same questions. You may notice that we adjusted the response areas for some questions.

We are offering a webinar for advisors at 2pm EST on Tuesday, November 30th, and one for candidates 2pm EST on Friday, December 3rd. We will then run another webinar in early January for both candidates and advisors. Additionally, the current Truman website still offers a great deal of information, including video tutorials and an FAQ, at

We currently plan to conduct our spring 2022 interviews in person. However, we will make allowances for individual situations or if the public health conditions in an area require them. Please keep eyes peeled for Foundation communication regarding any updates.

Should you have any questions about the online application, our program, or the likely competitiveness of individual candidates, you are welcome to contact Tara Yglesias (

Thank you for identifying and supporting our nation's next generation of public service leaders.

Yours in service,

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