Payment Request forms

Start Early! Several factors contribute to the receipt of your Truman funds. 

You need to anticipate:

  • The time it takes to gather supporting documentation including a transcript or proof of enrollment, EESF Form, EFT form, and
  • The time it takes your institution's financial aid officer to complete the Educational Expenses and Support Form (this varies greatly);
  • The time required to complete the Payment Request Form (about 30 minutes);
  • The time it takes the Truman Foundation and General Services Administration to process your payment. Scholars should count on a minimum of six weeks from submission of the completed Payment Request Form to receipt of payment provided all other documentation has been received. Unless requested in writing and approved by the Foundation, the transfer of funds will occur no earlier than three weeks prior to the tuition and fees due date for which Foundation support is requested. 

Steps to submit a Request a for Payment:

1. Gather the following supporting documentation

  • An approved annual report.  You must have an approved graduate study proposal and are current on your annual reports.
  • A transcript (an unofficial transcript is acceptable) or other proof of enrollment (such as a receipt of deposit or enrollment form).
  • An Educational Expenses and Support Form (EESF)
    • You should complete Part I of the Educational Expenses and Support Form. Give the Educational Expenses and Support Form to your Financial Aid Officer to complete Part II.  This step could take several weeks, depending on the accessibility of your Financial Aid officer.   This form should reflect the expenses for the academic year, not term.  If your expenses are different from the average student at your institution, you should have your Financial Aid officer complete the form with this in mind.  All scholarships and grants must be listed.  Loans can also be included but will not be factored into your award from the Foundation.  
    • You will need a separate form for summer study.  You may use the same form for fall and spring study if your expenses and aid stay the same.  
  • An Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form for your Bank deposit.  
    • All scholarship payments are made via electronic funds transfer.  If the information on this form is incorrect, you will not receive your payment.  If your bank account information has not changed and you have received a payment in the last 12 months, you do not need to complete this step.  
    • Payments can only be made to Scholars, therefore your name must appear on the checking account.  Payment is not made directly to your school, so you are responsible for ensuring funds are delivered to your institution.
  • Payment Request Form Worksheet
    • Complete the Worksheet for the Payment Request Form.  This form requires careful attention to detail to be completed correctly.
    • Instructions

2. Submit the Payment Request form

  • Once you have gathered all your supporting documents, and have completed the Worksheet, you can attach the supporting documents and transfer the Worksheet information to the Payment Request Form for final submission.  This will take approximately 30 minutes.
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