Accountability Policy

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All Scholars selected after 2005 are subject to the Foundation's Accountability Policy.  This policy was instituted both to provide clearer expectations to Scholars and bring the Foundation in line with other federal scholarship programs.  The policy requires Scholars to work for three of the seven years after a Foundation funded graduate program in public service.
Scholars will be asked to submit an Employment Status report, by July 15th of each year, beginning with the July after they complete their Foundation funded graduate school education. Reminders for the Employment Status report deadline will be posted on the webpage. 
After the reporting deadline, Scholars who have failed to file a report will be contacted by email. Scholars who fail to file a report for two consecutive years will be considered to be in violation of the Accountability Policy and will be tracked through more aggressive means. 
Scholars who are entering their fourth year of private sector employment will receive a warning email that reminds them of the service requirement and discusses their options should they fail to meet the service requirement. Once a Scholar enters their fifth year of private sector employment, the Foundation will send an email and a certified letter requesting payment in full of the amount of funding the Scholar received. A certain date will be included in the letter by which the Scholar must contact the Foundation to arrange payment. Should a Scholar be unable or unwilling to arrange payment by that date, the Foundation will refer the matter to the General Services Administration for recovery. 
The Accountability Policy does provide the possibly of waiver or reduction of repayment obligations in cases of extreme financial hardship. Scholars in this situation should make the Foundation aware of the details of their hardship at the earliest possible opportunity. 
Appeals Process: 
There will be two different avenues of appeal. First, in the event that a Scholar designates their employment as public sector and the Foundation disagrees, the Scholar may appeal, in writing, to the Executive Secretary. The Executive Secretary has 30 days from receipt of the appeal to respond. Should that appeal be unsuccessful, the matter should be referred to the Foundation Legal Counsel for decision. If the Scholar is ultimately unsuccessful, they will have the opportunity to re-visit the issue before the full appeals board should the Scholar ultimately fail to meet the service requirement.
The second point of appeal would be for those Scholars who have not fulfilled their service requirement. These Scholars can file written appeal to the Executive Secretary within 30 days of the Foundation's decision. If the Executive Secretary agrees with the Foundation's decision, the Scholar has three months to file written appeal to the Appeals Panel. If a Scholar appears before the Appeals Panel, they must execute a waiver of file confidentiality so the Appeals Panel can look at the Scholar file. 
The Appeals Panel shall consist of three members appointed by the Executive Secretary with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees. Members of Foundation staff and the Board of Trustees are ineligible to serve on the appeals panel. At least one member of the Panel will be an alumni of the Truman program. The Foundation's Financial Desk Officer will act as a liaison to the Appeals Panel to maintain custody of the Scholar file and be available should procedural questions arise.