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Dress:  Dress for the week is casual with the following exceptions:

  • Community Service Project:  Scholars may want to bring worn-out clothing (suitable for stains) and closed toe-shoes/sneakers.  Scholars will receive a TSLW t-shirt and we ask that you wear it on that day.
  • Graduate School Fair:  Dress for this event is casual, but Scholars should keep in mind that they will be meeting with graduate school representatives.  Most students wear "nicer" casual attire on this day, but suits and ties are not necessary.
  • Policy Analysis Presentations & Sunday Awards Ceremony:  Scholars should wear suitable dress attire for these events.
  • Saturday Evening Barbeque:  Dress for the evening's program should be dress casual. 
  • Students should pack layers to accommodate the unpredictable late May weather in Missouri.  Most of our events are indoors, so students may want to bring a light jacket or sweater to compensate for sometimes near-Arctic air conditioning.
  • Scholars should also bring sunscreen.  We have a number of events planned for outdoors and the Missouri sun can be unforgiving.

Lodging:  Scholars will be housed in William Jewell College dormitories, two Scholars per room. Bed linens and towels are provided. Scholars should bring an alarm clock, toiletries, shower shoes, hangers, and a $15.00 cash deposit for their room key.
(***Note:  Your room key deposit is refundable.  At the end of TSLW, you will receive a form to fill out if you would like a check for your key deposit mailed back to you.  You will also have the option of donating this deposit to fund the William Jewell Internship Program.  This Program brings a Jewell students to Washington, DC)
Meals:  The Foundation will provide for all your meals at TSLW.  Meals will be served buffet style in the William Jewell College cafeteria.  We will offer a variety of food to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary preferences.   
Expenses: The Truman Foundation provides meals, admission and transportation for Scholars during the week. Additional expenses (e.g. forgotten items, meals during travel to and from KCI) are not covered.
Emergencies: In the case of an emergency during business hours, Scholars may be reached at (816) 415-5963.
Substance Policy: William Jewell College is a smoke-free environment. Scholars may not smoke in any of the buildings. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
Insurance Waiver: Neither William Jewell College nor the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation is liable for any lost or damaged personal possessions during TSLW. Please have health insurance cards with you at TSLW in case of an emergency.
Weekend Guests: Parents and guests of Scholars are invited to attend the Awards Weekend events starting Saturday, May 23th and concluding Sunday, May 24th.  Please see Visitor Information for a summary of the weekend's activities and information on meal tickets.  Some events have limited seating.