Tara Yglesias

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Tara serves as the Deputy Executive Secretary for the Truman Foundation.  Under the direction of the Executive Secretary, Tara is responsible for the Foundation's Scholar selection process and oversees the processing of applications as well as the Finalist Selection Committee and Regional Review Panels.  She works closely with faculty representatives on recruiting and advising students during the Truman application process.  Tara has served as the Foundation's liaison to the National Association of Fellowship Advisors (NAFA) since 2003 and has held positions on the NAFA Board as both the Foundation Representative and the Publications Co-Chair.
Tara directs the Truman Scholars Leadership Week, our annual event to welcome new Scholars.  Tara is also responsible for the development and implementation of the Foundation's annual budget as well as other federal reporting requirements.
A 1993 Truman Scholar from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Tara holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from Syracuse University.  She holds a dual degree in Policy Studies and African-American Studies.  She was selected as a Woodruff Fellow at Emory University School of Law and earned her Juris Doctorate in 1997.  
Before joining the Truman Foundation, Tara worked for the Fulton County Office of the Public Defender in Atlanta, Georgia.  She began in the Jail Division and Juvenile Court.  After gaining a taste and reputation for trial work, she was selected for the Felony Trial Division.  She represented clients in a variety of criminal matters - from minor ordnance violations to major violent felonies.  She loved every minute of it - and will regale any unsuspecting listeners with vivid tales of her exploits.