Summer Institute

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The 2021 Summer Institute (SI) will be held in Washington, D.C. from Sunday, May 30th to Saturday, July 31st. As we adapt to tumultuous times, we will continuously evaluate the feasibility of in-person programming and scope alternative courses of action – similar to the Truman Foundation's summer 2020 virtual Truman Scholars Leadership Week and virtual Summer Institute. As of now, we are planning SI 2021 to be held in-person in Washington.

Summer Institute is designed as a program to deepen understanding of the national policymaking process and enhance community among the SI class. In addition to participating in an eight-week public service internship, SI participants are required to take part in the following programs:

  • seminars focused on national politics and policymaking (May 31st to June 4th & various days during in the summer);
  • meetings with former Truman Scholars and other prominent public servants; and, 
  • Scholar led-presentations on seven Tuesday nights throughout the summer.

For any questions relating to Summer Institute, please contact Josh Sorbe, our Development & Communications Officer, at