Candidate Self-Check List

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Everything in my Nominee Information Form is honest and accurate.

  • I intend to pursue the career path outlined in responses to Items 12 and 13 even if I am not awarded a Truman Scholarship.
  • The career I seek fits the Truman Scholarship Foundation's definition of public service.
  • I have precisely followed the instructions for completing the Nominee Information Form.
  • I have written in a direct, revealing style.
  • I have responded thoroughly to Items 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 14. [Typically, Truman Finalists use about two-thirds of the response space for each of these items.]
  • My materials are error-free.
  • I have sent thank-you notes to the Truman Faculty Representative and to the three persons who wrote letters of recommendation on my behalf.

Policy Proposal:

  • My policy recommendation is on a topic related directly to my career interests.
  • I care about this topic.
  • It is addressed to a government official [the President, Cabinet Secretary or senior official in a federal or state agency, head of a legislative committee, etc.] with authority to act on my recommendations.
  • I have used statistical data and current references to help build a strong case for my recommendations.
  • I believe in the recommendations and would like to defend them at a Truman interview.
  • I have identified the most significant legitimate obstacles to the implementation of my recommendations.