Sample Application Materials

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Sample candidate materials are available either for use in on-campus competitions or to develop applications for submission to the Foundation.  Please keep in mind that all materials must be submitted on-line.

The content of these forms is identical to the content requested in the on-line application.  There are differences in formatting and the space provided for responses.

Please note that sample forms do not include character count. All character limits include spaces. Character count are as follows: 

  • Summer Institute: 900 Characters
  • Q1:  Six institutions
  • Q2:  College:  Eight Activities; High School:  Four Activities
  • Q3:  Six Activities
  • Q4:  Six Activities
  • Q5:  Six Activities
  • Q6:  Six Activities
  • Q7:  2000 Characters
  • Q8:  1700 Characters
  • Q9:  1500 Characters
  • Q10:  3 items, 250 Characters per item
  • Q11:  2000 Characters
  • Q12:  900 Characters
  • Q13:  900 Characters
  • Q14:  2000 Characters
  • Policy Proposal:  500 Words Total, 2000/2000/1000 Characters per section requested.