Sample Application Forms

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These forms are provided for reference only.  The Foundation will not accept submissions on this form.  You must use the online application system to apply for the Truman Scholarship.  You may include the Reference Request Forms ("Sample Letters") along with your letters of recommendation, but it is not required.  We do ask that each letter reference the criteria which it addresses (Leadership, Public Service or Academic Success) in the subject line.  

The template will work in Microsoft Word 2000 or higher.  The template does not allow use of spellcheck, italics, bold, or underlining. [Note: For Item 9, candidates should use parentheses to cite references.] Candidates may cut and paste text from a Microsoft Word document into the online application.  We recommend running the text through notepad or a simlilar program to remove all extranous formatting before entering the text into the online application.  You may also use the 'Remove Format' button on the right side of the WYSIWYG menu if you find your formatting to be strange.

To navigate through the template, use the tab key to move to the next entry field or the shift+tab key to move in reverse. You may also use your mouse to click on the next entry field or, using the scroll bars, to move through the document.

Response space is more limited in the on-line version than on the hard copy sample forms.  The on-line version limits answers as follows:

  • Questions 1 and 3 through 6:  Six Activities
  • Question 2:  Eight College Activities, Four High School Activities
  • Question 7:  2000 Characters (including spaces)
  • Question 8:  1700 Characters (including spaces)
  • Question 9:  1500 Characters (including spaces)
  • Question 10:  3 items, 250 Characters per Item (including spaces)
  • Question 11:  2000 Characters (including spaces)
  • Question 12:  900 Characters (including spaces)
  • Question 13:  900 Characters (including spaces)
  • Question 14:  2000 Characters (including spaces)
  • Policy Proposal:  500 Words Total (approximate, excluding citations), 2000/2000/1000 Characters per section requested.

The sample forms are available below in both PDF and Word format.  Although a document or a file name may reference a particular year, the sample materials are substantively the same as the current application.  

Please note, however, the Oxford Interview Option referenced in the application is no longer available.  Students are required to return to their home state for interview.