Practice Questions for Truman Interviews

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Preparing for the Interview: Questions Proposed by past Truman Scholarship Finalists 
How has your favorite book affected your life? 
Why will your policy proposal actually make a difference? 
If you could take part in any social movement of the 20th century what would it be? 
Name a public figure that you admire or who inspires you? 
What makes you tick and what ticks you off? 
Who is your favorite scholar in your discipline? Least favorite? 
How can you support this policy given the experiences and beliefs you share in the rest of the application? 
If you could be a dictator for one day, what policies would you pass? 
How did you respond to a recent failure? 
What do you think is the most pressing problem facing America today? 
How would you repair the electoral process? 
What would be your alternate "life plan" if the one you are charted for does not work? 
What is most important to you: civic duty or personal liberty? Why? 
Argue a political position you feel strongly; now argue the other side. 
How would Truman respond to your policy?