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To enhance prospects for advancement of your candidates, the Foundation encourages you to make sure that each one: 
  1. Shows sustained service to the campus community [Item 2], to the community at large [Item 3], and possibly some government involvement [Item 4]. One or more service activities should relate to the candidate's intended career. 
  2. Demonstrates leadership to achieve some goal or objective in Item 7. The Letter of Recommendation on Leadership must confirm this experience. 
  3. Makes a clear connection among responses to Items 9 through 13 and the Policy Proposal. 
  4. Identifies a specific graduate school and shows some understanding of the proposed graduate program in Item 11. 
  5. Describes in Items 12 and 13 a credible career in public service that is consistent with the response in Item 9. 
  6. Contains an interesting or intriguing response in Item 14 and explains motivation for career interests unless covered previously. The Advice & Guidance section provides examples of satisfactory and unsatisfactory responses to Item 14 as well as to Items 7, 8, 9, and 11. 
  7. Avoids poor writing or sloppy presentation.