Online Application Instructions

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Students must complete the Truman Application on-line. Access to the application system is controlled by Faculty Representatives. To provide a student access to the application, please sign in to the system and register the student.

Once you have logged into the site, you will be taken to a dashboard page where you can register your student.  Once you have entered the student's email, he or she will receive an email with log-in credentials. The email does not tell the student that he or she has been nominated, merely that he or she was registered to use the system. You may register as many students as you wish - but you may only submit up to four completed applications to the Foundation.  You may also submit up to three additional nominees who are transfer students at your institution.

On Campus Competitions:

You may use the on-line application for your internal competitions, or you may continue to use the printed forms available on the website.

System Requirements:

The application is internet-based and will work in most updated, conventional internet browsers.  If you are having difficulty working with the application, please either contact the Foundation or your institution's IT department.

Faculty Rep Instructions:

The Faculty Rep instructions, including video instructions, are available here. Student instructions will be available in the For Candidates section.