2022 Competition

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In order to access the on-line application, students must receive login credentials from their Institution's Faculty Representative. Please consult our Faculty Representative Locator for the name of the representative at your school. If your school does not have a representative listed, you may have an interested faculty or staff member act as a representative on your behalf. Have them consult our information on Becoming a Faculty Rep prior to contacting the Foundation.

2022 Notes to Candidates

Dates and advice regarding the Truman Scholarship Competition.

Guidance for Letters of Recommendation

Truman applicants are required to provide three letters of recommendation in addition to the Institutional Nomination Letter.  Please review the letter requirements and some suggestions for gathering effective letters.

Guidance to Faculty Representatives and Applicants Regarding COVID-19

Frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19, including guidance on presenting disruptions to leadership, service and academic opportunities in the application.

Sample Application Forms

The Sample Application is available for reference only. While the questions on the on-line application are identical to this version, the Foundation will require that the students use the on-line application system to submit their materials.

Candidate Instructions

You may print the student instructions. Instructions are also accessible within the on-line application system. Please contact your Faculty Rep for information on how to obtain access to the on-line application.

2021-2022 Bulletin of Information

Please review the Bulletin of Information thoroughly before applying. The Bulletin of Information includes the official rules for the Truman Scholarship Competition including important dates, conditions of the scholarship and eligibility criteria.