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Most of our communication regarding Summer Institute is by email.  Please make sure that your “Preferred Email” is an account that you check frequently.  Also, we often send emails out to groups of more than fifty people – adjust your spam controls accordingly.

We need both a day and month for your graduation date and arrival date.  We use this information to set up programming, reserve rooms, and order supplies and food.  We need the most accurate information possible, so “May 2020” is not sufficient.  Should your plans be in flux – or should your dates change – notify us immediately.

If you are applying to an agency that has its own application process, please be sure to observe all deadlines.  Most agencies with separate applications have valid reasons for doing so - and we may not be able to get around the process.  Stay on top of the deadlines and keep us informed so we can help the process along. If you have contacts at a place where you would like to intern, feel free to pursue things on your own.  Just be sure to keep us informed of your activities. Once an agency extends an offer – you have 72 hours to accept or reject the offer.  You cannot hold a position until something better comes along.  If you are torn between two placements or otherwise unable to come to a decision, call us for help.

Likewise, do not accept a position and later attempt to back out for “something better.”  This reflects poorly on you and on the Foundation.

Once you have found a placement, it is imperative that you notify the Foundation.  Often agencies will convey an offer to you and neglect to inform the Foundation.  This becomes problematic when we are telling other agencies that you are available when you are not. Please consider carefully where you would like to be placed.  The most glamorous agencies are not always the agencies with the best internships.  Interests change.  Agencies change (albeit slowly).  Research thoroughly and consider carefully.  We would rather change the focus of our search than have unhappy Scholars.