2020 Summer Institute Application

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Applications for the 2020 Summer Institute are due Friday, September 20th, 2019. The application includes an information sheet, resume, and writing sample. Please email all of your application materials to Rachael Johnson. For more detailed information about each element of your application, please see the category breakdowns below.  For general information and reminders about the placement process, see also Logistics for SI.
Information Sheet: 
  • We will only use your Social Security Number and date of birth for security purposes.  Several of the buildings that we visit during the course of Summer Institute require some type of clearance.  These information sheets will be destroyed at the end of Summer Institute.   
  • Most of our communication regarding Summer Institute is by email.  Please make sure that your preferred email is an account that you check frequently.  Also, we often send emails out to groups of more than fifty people--adjust your spam controls accordingly. If you attend a military academy, please provide a non-institution email address.
  • We need both a day and month for your graduation date and arrival date.  We use this information to set up programming, reserve rooms, and order supplies and food.  We need the most accurate information possible, so "May 2020" is not sufficient.  Should your plans be in flux or should your dates change, notify Rachael immediately.
  • Please be as specific as possible when discussing your graduate school plans.  Include both the type of degree you are pursuing as well as your area(s) of specialty.  We use this information to identify candidates for opportunities that arise during Summer Institute.  The better your information, the more acutely we can match you with these opportunities.
Please submit a current, one-page resume.  The Foundation offers Resume Guidelines in the Summer Institute section of the website.
Writing Sample:
We require you to submit a writing sample with your application as many of our placements request one.  Please plan to submit one with your application so that we don't have to hound you for one during your spring semester while you're finishing that pesky thesis.   Speaking of, a proper writing sample is NOT a thesis.  The best writing sample is three to five pages (double spaced) on a topic that is accessible to everyone.  It need not be a technical paper, or even a paper from your major.  The writing sample should reflect your ability to write and reason clearly.  It should be free of typos and grammatical errors.
Scholar Internship Placements
Please know that if you commit to attending Summer Institute, the Truman Foundation guarantees you a summer placement here in DC.  The placement process takes on very different roles in the fall and spring semesters, however, the vast majority of you will not know your summer placement until at least March or April of 2020.  Many federal budgets are not approved until early in the new year and offices are not certain of their staffing needs until the early spring.  Therefore, Dr. Babcock-Lumish will post a listing of potential job placements (offices where we know for certain that are interested in hosting a scholar for the summer) in January 2020.  You will then have the opportunity to apply to your top five placement choices.  Dr. Babcock-Lumish will notify the employers of your interest and then it is up to the employers to follow-up directly with you. 
Please note that at any point during the placement process, you are welcome to pursue your own leads here in Washington DC.  If you would like assistance pursuing a specific lead, please contact Dr. Babcock-Lumish. 
***Programs with their own applications have them for a reason.  Do not miss the deadline and assume that we can work around their application process.  In the case of the White House and the State Department, the application is related to a security clearance.  Thus, they have mid-fall deadlines.  You must comply with their deadlines in order to be considered for an internship.  Please note, for the fall semester your main goal should be to apply directly to programs that require a separate application process.  You should also use this time to research other placement opportunities that you are interested in and begin to network with your personal contacts or with contacts that your school has here in DC.   Do not worry if you do not find something instantly as there will be plenty of internships available when the Foundation's listing comes out in January.