Welcome Our New Executive Secretary: Terry Babcock-Lumish

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We are pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees of the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation has appointed Dr. Terry Babcock-Lumish to become the sixth Executive Secretary of the Truman Foundation. Dr. Babcock-Lumish will also become the CEO of Friends of the Truman Foundation. The appointment comes after a national search and careful consideration of a number of excellent candidates for the position.

Over the last 25 years, Terry has served in local, state, and federal government for both Democratic and Republican administrations. She has worked in academia and on policy development. She has advised leading global foundations and been on the ground to work on initiatives led by community-based nonprofits. In short, she has experience at almost every level and in all forms of public service. And Terry knows the Truman Foundation and the Truman community very well.
Terry was named a Truman Scholar in 1996. Many Truman Scholars came to know her as a Senior Scholar at Truman Scholars Leadership Week and as a Summer Institute speaker. She has organized events in cities across the US and UK, engaging Truman Scholars from numerous selection years. In 2012, the Foundation awarded her its Elmer Staats Award, recognizing her outstanding contributions to public service and devoted service to the Truman community. Terry has served as a Finalist Selection Committee member in Annapolis, and on Regional Review Panels in New York City, Oxford, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. For the past three years, Terry has been an active member of the Truman Council.  Over the years, she has been a 1996 class representative, a Truman Scholars Association board member, a committee member selecting our annual award recipients and Truman Governance Fellows, and West Point’s senior scholarship advisor.
We have included Terry’s bio below. She will be with us in Missouri this week for Truman Scholars Leadership Week and in Washington, DC next week for the opening sessions of Summer Institute. She will then wind down her current employment in order to begin full-time at the Truman Foundation in late July.
On behalf of Madeleine Albright, President of the Truman Foundation, and the Board of Trustees, we extend our thanks to everyone who participated in the search process. Along with the two of us, the Search Committee appointed by Secretary Albright included Truman Scholars Marcia Chatelain (IL 00) and Adair Ford Boroughs (SC 01) and, representing the Board, Max Sherman, Elaine Shocas, and Fred Slabach. We join all of them in congratulating Terry on her appointment. Dr. Babcock-Lumish’s background make her an ideal choice to lead Truman into its next chapter with the courage and conviction worthy of America’s beacon of public service.