2020 Trumans on the Ballot

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This election season, Truman Scholars are actively engaged across our nation. Today, our #TrumansOnTheBallot seek to serve their communities across party lines and levels of government. Running for office takes courage, and we are proud of our candidates seeking to extend their public service to county commissions, city halls, state legislatures, and Capitol Hill alike.  

Please join us on Twitter to track the results of #TrumansOnTheBallot here, and find a list of Scholars on the ballot today here:

  • Adair Ford Boroughs (SC 01) – U.S. House of Representatives (SC-02)
  • Zach Brown (MT 12) – Gallatin County Commission, MT
  • Chris Coons (DE 83) – U.S. Senate (DE)
  • Ted Deutch (PA 86) – U.S. House of Representatives (FL-22)
  • Todd Gloria (CA 99) – Mayor, San Diego, CA
  • Grant Hauschild (ND 10) - Hermantown City Council, MN
  • Brad Hoylman (WV 86) – New York State Senate
  • Dusty Johnson (SD 98) – U.S. House of Representatives (SD-AL)
  • Andy Kim (NJ 03) – U.S. House of Representatives (NJ-03)
  • Tom Malinowski (NJ 85) - U.S. House of Representatives (NJ-07)
  • Bill Mercer (MT 84) – Montana State House of Representatives
  • Kesha Ram (CA 07) – Vermont State Senate
  • Jillian Scannell (VT 19) – Burlington City Council, VT
  • Greg Stanton (AZ 90) – U.S. House of Representatives (AZ-09)
  • Jay Surdukowski (NH 01) – New Hampshire Executive Council
  • Robert Thomas (TX 88) – Austin City Council, TX
  • Michael Tubbs (CA 11) – Mayor, Stockton, CA
  • Zach Wahls (IA 13) – Iowa State Senate
  • Jake Zimmerman (MO 95) – St. Louis County Executive, MO

For any additions or corrections, please contact Josh Sorbe at jsorbe@truman.gov