Honor Institutions

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For many years, the Truman Foundation has selected Truman Honor Institutions on the basis of an institution's (1) Active encouragement of outstanding young people to pursue careers in public services; (2) Effective promotion of the Truman program on their campus, and; (3) Sustained success in helping their students win Truman Scholarships. Here is a list of previously named Truman Honor Institutions. 
Previously Named Honor Institutions 
American University 
Arizona State University 
Boston College
Bowdoin University 
Brandeis University
Brown University 
Claremont McKenna College 
College of William and Mary 
Columbia University 
Cornell University 
Dartmouth College 
Deep Springs College 
Duke University 
Emory University 
Furman University 
George Washington University 
Georgetown University 
Harvard University 
Indiana University 
Johns Hopkins University 
Kansas State University 
Lewis & Clark College 
Macalester College
Manchester Community College 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Miami University 
Michigan State University 
Mississippi State University 
Oberlin College 
Occidental College 
Oklahoma State University 
Princeton University 
Seattle University 
Spelman College 
Stanford University 
Swarthmore College 
Tufts University
United States Air Force Academy 
United States Military Academy 
United States Naval Academy 
University of Alabama 
University of Arkansas 
University of Chicago 
University of Delaware 
University of Georgia 
University of Guam
University of Iowa
University of Kansas 
University of Kentucky 
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 
University of Mississippi
University of Missouri
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill 
University of Pennsylvania 
University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras 
University of Rhode Island 
University of South Dakota 
University of Southern California 
University of Texas-Austin
University of Tulsa 
University of Utah 
University of Virginia 
University of Wisconsin 
University of Wyoming 
Wake Forest University 
Washington University of St. Louis
Wellesley College 
West Virginia University 
Wheaton College 
Willamette University 
Williams College 
Yale University