Faculty Reps

Faculty Reps

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Faculty Representatives provide an invaluable service to students, colleges and the Foundation.  Your commitment to making the process a valuable experience for all applicants, regardless of outcome, is just one of the ways that you help the Truman Foundation to make a difference in the lives of students.

Access sample application forms and view announcements from the Foundation on the 2020 Truman Scholarship competition.
A list of frequently asked questions about the Truman Scholarship process.

The Foundation is well aware that the disruption caused by COVID-19 is likely to create additional concerns about how applicants will be evaluated in the coming selection cycles.

The National Association of Fellowships Advisor (NAFA) is an organization of professionals in higher education who work with students competing for national scholarships and fellowships.

Students must complete the Truman Application on-line. Access to the application system is controlled by Faculty Representatives. To provide a student access to the application, please sign in to the system and register the student.