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The Truman Scholarship is a highly competitive national award.  We receive over 600 nominations each year from institutions around the country.  In order to prepare the best application possible, candidates should review the information below and work closely with the Faculty Representative at their school.

In order to access the on-line application, students must receive login credentials from their Institution's Faculty Representative. Please consult our Faculty Representative Locator for the name of the representative at your school.

These links provide guidance for completing the candidate application materials. Included are suggestions for preparing a personal statement, tips on writing the policy proposal, a self check-list and samples of effective and ineffective responses.
A list of frequently asked questions about the Truman Scholarship Process.
Important information for finalists.
A step-by-step guide to the Truman selection process.

Please review these dates before applying. These dates are firm; the Foundation will not accommodate requests for changes to these dates.

The Regional Review Panel dates are tentative until after Finalists are notified. There may be updates to region assignments for certain small states and locations are subject to change. Please check back frequently to ensure that you have the most updated information.