Candidate Application Instructions

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Step 1: Sign-in to the website.

You can sign-in to the website in the top right corner of our homepage ( with your username and password.  Your username will always be your email address.  Should you update your email address, your username will change accordingly.  If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgotten Your Password?" link to have your password emailed to you.  The email will come from "" or and your university's server will likely tag it as spam.

After your initial log in, you will be directed to the “Welcome, Candidate!” dashboard page.  If you have already logged in, please click on the “My Account” button at the top right of the page to be directed to the dashboard.

Step 2: Review your profile.

Your profile appears on the dashboard page.  If you would like to change any information or update your password, please click the “Edit Profile” link to the right.

Step 3: Start your application.

From the dashboard, scroll to the bottom and click the link under "My Application."  Once you have an application in progress, you can click the "Edit" link to return to your application.  

Step 4:  Enter your information.

The application contains 10 steps (or pages).  You can use the "Next Page" and "Previous" buttons to move through your application.  Please remember to save your work frequently.

Most of the items are self explanatory or instructions are included within the application.  A few items are addressed in more detail below.

Step 5:  Enter your activities.

Questions 1 through 6 require you to provide lists of institutions, activities or awards.  You are able to list a limited number of items, please see instructions in the application for details.  Please do not list more than the permitted number of items.  We will deduct points if you list more items than are permitted.

Step 6:  Complete your essays.

Questions 7 through 14 require a narrative response.  Character counts are provided.  Spell check is not provided for these essay questions.  You may wish to check your spelling in another program before submitting.  If you do cut and paste items from another word processing program, please be careful of transferring formatting into the application.  If you have difficulty with transferred formatting, consider pasting the text into a basic text program (such as Notepad) to remove extra formatting before placing it in the application.

Step 7:  Submit your policy proposal.

The policy proposal requires a narrative response.  Character counts are provided as a suggestion, but you will not be prohibited from typing more than the provided character count.  Your policy proposal should not exceed 500 words for all three parts.  We are not overly strict about this limit - but those proposals that are much longer than 500 words may be penalized in scoring.  While we suggest that the Problem Statement and Proposed Solution take up the bulk of your response, you may make the individual sections any length that you choose.

You have unlimited room for References, Footnotes, and Exhibits.  Please keep in mind that our readers do not spend much time in this section and are not favorably impressed by applicants who include a great deal of information in this area.  Photos, tables and other graphics should not be submitted.

Each text box in this section has a variety of tools for your use.   Please take special note of the SpellCheck (last option on the far right).  We also have a "Remove Format" button (second from last option on the right).  You may use this button to remove extraneous formatting that may have come over from another word processing program.  Please remember that you will need to save the document and refresh the page before your changes take effect.  If you prefer to use HTML, you can change the text format from WYSIWYG to HTML by using the drop-down at the bottom of the text box.

Step 8: Send to your Faculty Rep.

Once you have completed your application - or have your draft in sufficient shape - you can click the "Send Application to Faculty Rep for Review" box to have your materials sent to your Faculty Rep.  He or she will receive an email notifying them that your materials are ready for review.  Your "Current State" (located on the dashboard page) will change to "Nominee (Awaiting Review)."

You will still retain control over your materials and may continue to work on them.  If you make changes to anything, your Faculty Rep will see the changes in real time.

Please work with your Faculty Rep to determine how he or she plans to review your materials and comment on them.

Step 9:  Return to your application.

If you wish to return to your application after discussing it with your Faculty Rep, please sign into the website or click the "My Account" button.  You can assess your application by clicking the "Edit" link next to your name.

Step 10:  Working with your approved application.

Once your Faculty Rep has approved your application, your "Current State" (listed on your dashboard page) will change to "Nominee (Review complete)."  This status means that your Faculty Rep has submitted the application to us for review.  Once we have reviewed the materials and accepted them as complete, your status will change to "Nominee (Complete)."  This final status change will occur by 1 week after the deadline.  If you would like additional updates on the status of application checks, you may wish to follow us on twitter

Please keep in mind that you will continue to be able to edit your application even after your Faculty Rep has approved your materials.  We provided this access to you as a courtesy so that you can correct any last minute errors.  Please do not make changes to your application after 11:59 pm (your time zone) on the day of the deadline as we can not guarantee changes made after that time will be reflected in the copies we use for review.

Step 11: Letters of Recommendation and Transcripts.

Your Faculty Rep is responsible for uploading your supporting materials.  Please work with him or her to ensure receipt of these materials in a timely manner.