2014 Truman Scholars

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In 2014, the Harry S Truman Scholarship Foundation selected 59 outstanding college students as new Truman Scholars:
University of Alabama
Jason studies mathematics and political economy. He intends to pursue graduate degrees in Advanced Chinese Language & Culture, Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences, and International Affairs. A speaker of Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, Jason hopes to work between the United States and developing nations to facilitate multinational cooperation in addressing challenges shared by the global community.
University of Portland
Sarah was raised in Alaska and fell in love with its raw wilderness. She is amazed at the possibilities for discovery in the field of biology, and hopes to work as a researcher to uncover the secrets of the underwater world that will support the development of ecosystem-based management systems. Sarah plays ultimate frisbee and majors in biology.  She dreams of returning to Alaska to pursue a doctorate in Marine Biology.
Brown University
Hannah collaborates with the refugee community in Providence, RI, coordinates an in-home tutoring program, and helps facilitate an academic summer camp for recently resettled youth.  Her experiences in Providence exposed her to deficiencies in America's educational system and the challenges vulnerable communities must overcome to access quality education.  In order to understand the complex history of American education reform more fully, Hannah conducted research in the Jackson, Mississippi, archives about the influence of the Civil Rights Movement on early childhood education in the Mississippi Delta.  This summer, Hannah plans to return to Jackson to continue her research and focus on the local leadership of Madison County parents. A native of Phoenix, Arizona, Hannah has volunteered in local politics for candidates who support public education. Hannah aspires to pursue advanced degrees in education policy and law so that she can further address the disparities in American educational opportunities.  
University of Arkansas
Cicely studies Economics with a concentration in International Economics and Business. She is currently a board member for her university's Volunteer Action Center and acts as the chair of the VAC Literacy Program. She is involved with student government as the Director for Campus Diversity. Cicely's interests are in international development, and she plans to pursue a career focused on financing sustainable development projects.
Ava Benezra
University of Chicago
A student organizer hailing from the Bay Area, Ava is pursuing a major in Law, Letters, and Society with a minor in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies. She is a leader with an on-campus campaign to eliminate racial profiling in her school's private police force and also conducts workshops that focus on empowering local high school students to improve their relationship with law enforcement. While particularly interested in pursuing criminal justice reform, Ava is also passionate about eliminating other forms of structural inequality, and to this end interned at United Electric, Radio, and Machine Workers of America last summer. Ava is the student coordinator for Seeds of Justice, a program designed to give a selected group of first and second year university students the knowledge and skills they need to create change in Chicago. 
University of Southern California
Oscar is a junior studying political science. A Mexican-American first-generation college student, he is particularly interested in the inclusion of marginalized people in the political process and has worked with under-represented communities in Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, and Broward County, FL as an organizer for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign. He has also interned in the U.S. House of Representatives as part of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute and plans on continuing to advocate for social justice.
University of Colorado
Jordan is a junior studying civil engineering (water resources) with a minor in business. She currently serves as Project Manager for CU's Engineers Without Borders Rwanda Program (EWB-USA CU), working with the community of Cyanika, Rwanda to develop a sustainable water supply project.  Her interests include sustainable community development, the applications of engineering for developing communities, political theory in the context of East Africa, and social entrepreneurship.
University of Connecticut
Molly is majoring in political science. She plans to attend law school, focusing on politics and election law, and use those skills to contribute meaningfully to a major campaign. As an advocate of youth civic engagement, Molly organized both non-partisan political empowerment events and partisan advocacy campaigns. She is especially passionate about encouraging women’s participation in the political arena and has contributed to several conferences dedicated to lowering barriers of entry for women candidates.  
Swarthmore College
Hope is an Educational Studies and Sociology/Anthropology major. She currently runs a mentoring program that guides low-income, high-achieving high school students through the college admissions process. Over the past year Hope has also worked to spearhead the Title IX reform movement on college campuses in the United States. She hopes to pursue a graduate degree in school counseling and eventually work in policy to support college access for low-income students. 
District of Columbia
United States Military Academy
Cadet Will Moore is an Economics major passionate about reconciling environmental protection, energy sustainability, and economic efficiency within the Department of Defense. Will is the Captain of West Point's parliamentary debate team, a Presidential Fellow with the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, and has published columns in both the Washington Post and the Billings Gazette. He has worked on a sustainability team at a Pittsburgh-based plastics company and at the office of Senator Harry Reid. Will hopes to serve as an Army intelligence officer following his graduation next year.
University of Pennsylvania
Ariel majors in East Asian Languages and Civilizations and minors in Portuguese.  She serves as the 2015 Class President at her university. Passionate about sharing her love for language and culture education, Ariel is fluent in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Portuguese, English, and conversational in Hebrew, and is the founder of ACTION, an organization that brings foreign language and culture classes to at-risk students. She hopes to leverage her passion for linguistic and cultural diversity to impact global education and combat the U.S. foreign language education deficiency that widens the socioeconomic achievement gap. Ariel enjoys theatrical performance, rapping in Chinese, and Zumba dancing. 
Saint John's University-New York
Donya is an Honors student and McNair Scholar studying Government and Politics and Women’s and Gender Studies. She is passionate about the intersection between politics and women’s issues, and is currently the President of the College Democrats of New York, Youth Representative to the United Nations for AAUW, and member of the YTH Youth Advisory Board. Donya is also the Founder and Director of Watch. Her. Lead, a project designed to encourage young women of color to think about running for office and supported through her fellowships with YP4 and ELLA, as well as her involvement with NOW-NYS and CGIU. She has served Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Bill Nelson and has helped pro-choice, Democratic women get elected through her internships with Ruth’s List Florida and Eleanor’s Legacy. A Hope Institute Graduate and PPIA Law Fellow, Donya intends to pursue a joint degree and prepare herself for a career in public service so to be in a position to better serve women and underrepresented communities across the country and the world.
Bard College
Karimah is a Posse Scholar who majors in Sociology with a concentration in Africana Studies.  Through the Trustee Leader Scholar (TLS) Program, Karimah co-founded the mentoring, tutoring and scholarship program Building Up Hudson. She has worked as a Site Director at Let’s Get Ready and interned with the nonprofit educational organization Global Kids. On campus, Karimah serves as a Peer Counselor, a Peer Mentor in the Bard Educational Opportunity Programs (BEOP) Office and as a change agent in social justice initiatives. Karimah plans to dedicate her career to closing the academic achievement gap, improving the education system, and working with youth to realize their potential. 
Lewis and Clark College
Born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, Joyce is studying International Affairs and Economics.  She has interned at the U.S. Senate and Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, DC. Joyce is passionate about law, security studies, and criminal justice. She aspires to work in public service as a national security lawyer.
Trinity College
Salima is majoring in Urban Studies, Political Science and French. An immigrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo, she’s interested in immigrant and refugee rights and Diaspora communities. On campus, she’s been involved with the Interfaith House and helping low-income and first generation students become successful. In the future, she plans on focusing on urban policy and improving the quality of life in cities, especially for people in the developing world. 
Spelman College
Tayler is a junior Anthropology, Sociology and International Studies double major. After completion of her undergraduate degree, she intends to pursue a graduate program in Social Policy. She hopes to combine her international experiences in education reform with local need in Chicago to combat the intersections of education inequalities and various social institutions such as race and class. As a Bonner Scholar, founder of My Brother's Keeper mentorship program, and charter member of Girls Going Global, Tayler remains busy as she aspires to uplift the coming generations of change agents.
Indiana University
Christine is from Indianapolis, Indiana. She is majoring in Political Science, Economics, and Spanish, and minoring in Arabic. Through a career in international development, she aspires to increase local and grassroots participation in projects addressing the challenges of poverty. Her interest for social issues has led her to a variety of study, volunteer and internship initiatives in Central America as well as Bloomington, IN. Most recently, she interned in Guatemala City with the U.S. State Department.  Christine has pursued her passion for learning, exploration, and Spanish by studying overseas in Lima, Peru and Madrid, Spain during the 2013-2014 academic year.
St. John's University-Minnesota
Tyler is a Political Science major. He is passionate about equal opportunity and has his sights set on reforming his home state's education system. Tyler currently works as a Student Coordinator at the Eugene J. McCarthy Center for Public Policy and Civic Engagement and is the Trustee on the Saint John's Senate.
Kansas State University
Ross majors in Economics and Philosophy and intends to pursue a Master's Degree in Public Policy. He minors in Non-Profit Leadership Studies. Ross is interested in non-profit organizational development and the potential for this sector to create positive social change. He is passionate about addressing the root causes of poverty, specifically as they relate to hunger, and has led a variety of initiatives to combat this impact area.
University of Kentucky
Grace is a Political Science major with a minor in History. Grace is a varsity athlete on the tennis team and founded her own nonprofit, Smart Shots, to offer tennis instruction and tutoring to underprivileged students in Lexington, KY. She is the recipient of the Dwight F. Davis Memorial scholarship. She is also serving as a Kentucky Derby Princess in 2014 and represented UK Athletics on a service trip to Ethiopia. After earning her MPA in Nonprofit Management, Grace will work to expand the reach of Smart Shots with the goal of closing the academic achievement gap in communities across Kentucky.
Louisiana State University
Marlee studies Political Science with a concentration in Global Diplomacy and minors in Economics, International Studies, and History. While backpacking in Southeast Asia and attending university in Malaysia, she studied Islamic law and the history of Islam in the region. Marlee then volunteered to teach English and mentor students in a rural village in Aceh, Indonesia, and continues to volunteer with international students at LSU, founding the International Relations club there.  She hopes to pursue graduate studies in Public Policy and Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. Through policy formation in the State Department, Marlee will work to improve relations with Muslims and further economic development in Southeast Asia.
Fordham University
Nora is a social work student and intends to graduate as a Master of Social Work with a focus in community-based practice and leadership. During her sophomore year, she founded a homelessness outreach and meal delivery organization called the Student Coalition for Street Outreach. The organization advocates for a more inclusive community, where homeless individuals have great access to resources. She is also a member of the Denim Day NYC Planning Committee, which aims to spread awareness on sexual violence and victim blaming. Nora plans to work in community organizing and advocacy, and eventually she intends to obtain a PhD in Sociology in order to enter into academia and research. She has a particular interest in continuing to work with the homeless population in urban communities. 
University of Maryland, College Park
Fang is interested in science and the promotion of science for minorities.  Fang has had extensive experience working with underprivileged students since high school, and hopes to galvanize increased participation of low-income minorities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) careers.  Fang hopes to pursue a PhD in neuroscience while working to increase minority participation in the sciences on his university campus and on a national level.  Fang has founded a successful tutoring program in the local UMD community and hopes to continue developing such opportunities for underprivileged communities.  
Harvard University
Tianhao is a junior concentrating in Sociology from Clarksburg, Maryland. He works at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau’s Eviction Defense Clinic, where he empowers low-income families from Boston with the legal resources to fight their evictions and stay in their homes. Tianhao has also conducted original public policy research on the spatial dynamics of the affordable housing crisis and its effect on urban economic inequality in Boston. He mentors students through the Harvard Allston Education Portal, and is the Director of Content of the Harvard International Review, a quarterly journal focused on under appreciated topics in international affairs. This past summer, he interned for President Obama's Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force in Washington, DC. This upcoming summer, he will intern at the White House with the Domestic Policy Council's Office of Urban Affairs and Economic Mobility and the Office of Veterans and Military Families. After graduation, Tianhao plans to go to law school and pursue a career in government and public service.
Amherst College
Pierre is a proud Massachusetts native and majors in Political Science with a concentration in Urban Policy. After high school in Springfield, he spent a gap year interning with former U.S. Senator John Kerry, specializing in education and child welfare issues. In 2013, Pierre joined the Student Board of Advisors for the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, after serving two years as a Chapter President and a state Blueprint Fellow. His primary policy interests revolve around the growing inequality that exists in American life in the areas of education, housing, and urban development. When he is not pursuing policy work, Pierre enjoys catching up on episodes of The Newsroom. Pierre is also a 2013 YP4 Fellow.
Duke University
Jamie is studying Arabic and International Comparative Studies with a concentration in the Middle East.  She will also be receiving a certificate in the Study of Ethics with a focus on human rights. She has worked with displaced refugees in Egypt, and resettlement efforts in North Carolina and Michigan. She plans to study international affairs and international law in graduate school, with the hope of serving as a Human Rights Officer with the United Nations.
University of Chicago
Andrea studies Sociology and Arabic. She plans to complete her Master’s degree in Social Service Administration, with focuses on violence prevention and international social work. She intends to use her language skills and cultural background as a Lebanese- and Venezuelan-American along with her direct service experience to work with disadvantaged immigrant and refugee communities in urban centers such as Chicago and Detroit. Andrea leads a mentoring program for middle school girls in Chicago’s predominantly Latino neighborhood of Little Village. Similarly, Andrea has interned at the South Chicago Art Center to create safe spaces for youth to develop their artistic skills and express themselves. Andrea has studied Arabic language and culture in Morocco through the State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship. In her free time, Andrea enjoys running and dancing, spending time with family and friends, and writing.
Univ of Minnesota-Morris
Jordan is passionate about the prairie, people, and progress. When he is not immersed in statistics and data, Jordan enjoys folk music, fishing, warm kitchens full of friends, and salsa dancing. Jordan believes in the self-reliance of local communities and the role that pertinent policy can play. 
University of Southern Mississippi
Stephanie is majoring in Geography/GIS with a minor in Community Health Sciences and intends to pursue her Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology. During her service as an Air Force medic, she volunteered extensively with first-aid stations at sporting events, led mass immunization campaigns, and worked to complete sports physicals for military children. She also restructured and managed flight crew clearance programs. Stephanie participated in the NASA DEVELOP intern program and led several student organizations on campus. She will pursue a career in chronic disease prevention.
Xavier University
Born and raised in St. Charles, Missouri, Andrew is a graduate of St. Louis University High School. He is an Economics and Philosophy, Politics, and the Public Honors major. He currently serves at Student Body President, having been elected during his sophomore year. As president, he works with the Xavier administration and local community leaders to improve the student experience. Additionally, Andrew has worked for various presidential and congressional campaigns to learn more about America's political system from the grassroots level. Andrew's long-term plans are to enter politics. One of his goals is to improve the healthcare system to be both efficient and care for the most vulnerable.
University of Montana
Mara hopes to become a landscape planner, working to protect open spaces as a local solution to climate change. Mara studies Geography, Environmental Studies and Climate Change Studies. As an advocate for climate action, she has developed visual communication projects, served as a delegate to the UN Climate Change Negotiations in Warsaw, and biked across Bhutan with youth from the Himalayas to explore the regional impacts of our changing climate. Mara has also interned with the Montana Land Reliance and on campus, she demonstrates sustainable living as resident and internship coordinator at the UM Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology (FLAT).
University of Georgia
Sarah studies Spanish and human geography. She hopes to obtain a Master's degree in Geography with a focus on labor and migration and, later, to attend law school and specialize in immigration law. These degrees will help further her work in community organizing, which is currently informed by her experiences as a founding member of the Undocumented Student Alliance at UGA and as an intern at Workers Defense Project in Austin, TX. Sarah also plays trumpet in the Georgia Redcoat Marching Band and works for the student radio station, WUOG 90.5FM.
University of Nevada-Reno
Ivón is a junior in her university's Honors Program double majoring in History and Philosophy of Ethics, Law, and Politics with a minor in Ethnic/Latino Studies. Ivón is an advocate for the Latino community as a Legislative Affairs intern for Mi Familia Vota, the President of the UNR Latino Student Advisory Board, and an undergraduate researcher at UNR's Latino Research Center. She has lobbied for student and Latino immigrants' rights at the Nevada State Legislature, founded a scholarship mentoring initiative in the local school district for documented and undocumented first generation students, and completed grant-funded research on the impact of immigration reform on undocumented Latino families in the U.S. to be presented to members of Congress in April.  Ivón also co-founded a youth theatre program at a non-profit theatre (Spotlight: Academy for Young Actors) and secured partnerships to teach at-risk Latino youth in the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, and Cuba.
University of Oklahoma
Alexis is currently pursuing both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in International Studies with a concentration in global economics and development and a minor in Social Justice.  She has interned at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC, and has traveled abroad with the State Department for multiple international conferences on nuclear nonproliferation.  Throughout her college career, she has dedicated herself to making a difference in areas such as gender equality, human rights, and environmentalism, with a particular interest in combating sex trafficking.  She hopes to pursue a career advocating for victims’ rights and developing useful, practical policies that provide victims with the services and care they need to escape the vicious cycle of trafficking and to reclaim their lives. Alexis plans to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy or a Master’s in Public Administration to further develop her skills and learn more about crafting effective, victim-centered policies.
New Hampshire
Tufts University
Safiya is a junior studying International Relations and Leadership Studies. She plans to obtain graduate degrees in public health and medicine, aspiring to be a global health diplomat. For four years, Safiya has worked with resettled refugees in the greater Boston area and currently coordinates the Tufts University Refugee Assistance Program. Through the Institute for Global Leadership, Safiya traveled to Jordan with a team of student researchers, assessing the challenges of a temporary health system for Syrian refugees. She also worked on implementing health education initiatives at the Foundation for Mother and Child Health in Jakarta, Indonesia. Safiya is a Tisch Scholar for Citizenship and Public Service and a volunteer at Brigham and Women's Hospital.
New Jersey
Johns Hopkins University
Inspired by an understanding of the past implications of climate change, Justin is motivated to help mitigate the societal damages caused by modern environmental change, especially within the context of Pacific Island communities. At Johns Hopkins, Justin co-founded the Alliance for Clean Water, a service organization dedicated to the protection of clean water in urban and natural environments, and has developed patent-pending environmental technologies with the university's office of TechTransfer. He is the principal instigator of Project Kiribati and has worked with partners such as the Johns Hopkins Hospital to aid low-lying island communities already affected by rising sea levels and anthropogenic environmental change. 
New Mexico
University of New Mexico
Ryan is an Honors student in Political Science with a minor in Asian Studies. Before attending university, he spent three years as a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker in Myanmar and Thailand. He is a human rights advocate with broad interests in conflict resolution and human security. His research and multimedia from armed conflict zones have been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, CNN, PBS, and Human Rights Watch reports among others. Ryan plans to continue his studies in law and politics by earning a Juris Doctor and Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science.
New York
Middlebury College
Rana is a Posse Scholar pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Politics and Economics.  She speaks Arabic and Spanish and is passionate about female empowerment.  Prior to starting college, she founded New York City’s Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment (WISE).  This self-defense, entrepreneurship and leadership organization has reached over 150 women through its fellowship and summer programs.  As an organizer and human rights activist, she also serves as the Student Activist Coordinator and Co-Chair of the National Youth Action Committee for Amnesty International USA. At Middlebury, she has been elected to the Student Government Association for the past three years, works as a research assistant in the Political Science department and is a fellow for the Center for Social Entrepreneurship.
New York
Bowdoin College
Hannah is a Government and Spanish double major. She aspires to empower women in Latin America through increased economic opportunity and access to resources, particularly in agriculture. Hannah spent seven months volunteering at a school in Guatemala and learning about the issues facing women in Latin America. She plans to pursue a joint MA in International Studies and an MBA. Hannah hopes to work towards providing women with greater economic independence through social entrepreneurship projects.
North Carolina
Duke University
Dominique is studying public policy, education, and psychology. She is an active volunteer in Durham Public Schools, co-teaches a course on Intergenerational Ethics, and chairs the Honor Council. After a few years of teaching, she plans to pursue a joint Master’s degree in Public Policy and Educational Leadership. Dominique plans to turn North Carolina Public Schools into a model education system. 
North Dakota
North Dakota State University
Robert is a proud fourth-generation North Dakota State University Bison.  He is currently a junior majoring in Political Science and Economics while being involved with Student Government, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Blue Key Honor Society and Bison Ambassadors.  Robert found his passion for public policy while attending the U.S. Senate Youth Program in high school and has continued his interest by focusing on higher education policy in the North Dakota legislature.  He is a proud citizen of Fargo, North Dakota where he enjoys a sense of community like no place else in the world.  He hopes to obtain a joint MBA/JD while working in North Dakota real estate development and property law.  He also hopes to become a state legislator who focuses on economic development and educational empowerment.
University of Chicago
Yusef is American by nationality, Libyan by memory, Muslim by religion, Western by culture, and universalistic by principle. He believes that in this era of globalism and economic interdependence, security and prosperity are no longer components of a zero-sum game where one country’s loss is another’s gain. Alleviating youth unemployment in the Middle East and North Africa can advance the economic and security interests of the U.S., our allies, and the region. He hopes to use the knowledge and skills he has gained through the great education this country afforded him to honor Truman’s legacy and engage with the world. In doing so, he hopes to help a people who so desperately need it and, in turn, give back to the country that supported him, invested in him, and allowed him to do the same for others in need.
Oklahoma State University
Chacey is the fourth generation in a family that has run a production cattle ranch in northwest Oklahoma and is an Honors student majoring in Agricultural Business with a Pre-Law option. Chacey has interned with the Office of Governor Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma State Supreme Court. She is a co-founder and director of the Ubuntu Youth Project, an after-school program in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, that provides tutoring, mentorship, agricultural education, and entrepreneurial skill development for secondary school students. Chacey plans to obtain a Juris Doctorate/Master of Public Policy degree to pursue a career in public service tackling the cyclical handout relationship between the United States and developing countries. 
University of Oregon
Andrew is a Political Science and Economics double major intending to pursue a JD/MPP degree. Andrew has been heavily involved in the Associated Student Government as a Student Senator. He served as the chair of the Oregon Student Equal Rights Alliance (OSERA), a student-led LGBT organization that advocates for issues relating to LGBT justice in Oregon. Andrew also served on the United States Student Association (USSA) Board of Directors, advocating for national policies around student debt and the Dream Act. He hopes to work on developing policies that will improve the lives of LGBT and other underrepresented Americans.
American University
Caroline intends to devote her career to promoting peace-building efforts and transitional justice initiatives in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. She learned Swahili in Zanzibar, Tanzania, as a 2013 Boren Scholar.  Caroline has interned in the United States Senate, the nonprofit sector, and the Department of State. She also volunteers at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, where she helps educate visitors about modern day crimes against humanity.
Puerto Rico    
Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus
Déborah studies Political Science and Criminal Justice. She has interned at the U.S. House of Representatives and the Puerto Rico House of Representatives and served as a Field Organizer in the 2012 Presidential Election Campaign. Additionally, she has been a years-long advocate for human rights, the decline of drug use and violence, and the improvement of life quality, with a special focus on the Latino community. A firm believer in social change through civic empowerment and mutual understanding, she plans to pursue a joint degree in law and public policy with the goal of becoming a liaison between needs and solutions. 
Rhode Island
Tufts University
Amber Rose is a poet, educator and scholar from Providence, RI who is majoring in American Studies and Africana Studies. In 2010 Amber Rose earned her title as the Poetry Out Loud National Champion and has since performed across the country and recorded a poetry recitation album alongside Meryl Streep and James Earl Jones entitled "Words For You". In 2011 she became the youngest person to serve on the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women for the United States Department of Justice. Amber Rose, a sixth grade English Language Arts teacher in Boston, MA, is deeply committed to youth leadership development with a particular focus on communities of color. Her research interests are in the intersection between language, education and Black cultural studies. She plans to earn a PhD after graduating from Tufts and hopes to open her own school.
South Carolina
Claflin University
Raised in Hemingway, South Carolina, Emmanuel saw early the doors and opportunities that a good education can open: thus, he tried hard to do well in school to achieve his goals and further his education. Emmanuel graduated from Hemingway High School as the first African-American male valedictorian in June 2011. He has interned for the 16th Circuit Court Family Division in Kansas City, Missouri under the Honorable Martina L. Peterson and the Queens County Supreme Court in Queens, New York under the Honorable Martin E. Ritholtz. During the summer of 2013, Emmanuel interned at New York Common Cause inquiring and soliciting public feedback, while analyzing data to be used in a public forum with the New York Public Service Commission. Currently, Emmanuel is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts in Politics and Justice Studies. His long-term goals include becoming an attorney and creating his own nonprofit organization geared towards combating felon disfranchisement laws and strategically rehabilitating ex-offenders back into society. 
South Dakota
Haley HardieHaley Hardie     
Davidson College
A Political Science major, Haley divides her time between advocating for disarmament and advocating for the homeless. On campus she's an active member of Ending Poverty in Charlotte and co-president of Global Zero, an international grassroots organization dedicated to achieving the elimination of nuclear weapons. Off campus she volunteers as a counselor at Urban Ministry, a homeless center in Charlotte, and last summer she interned with the State Department Bureau of Arms Control Verification and Compliance. She plans to pursue a Master's degree in International Relations, join the Peace Corps, and ultimately work in international development policy.
University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Robert majors in Political Science and History. He currently serves as UTC's SGA President and represents the University of Tennessee System on the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors in Chattanooga.
Auburn University
Sam is a junior at Auburn majoring in History with a minor in Economics. While at Auburn, he introduced legislation to add gender identity and gender expression to Auburn's anti-discrimination policy, and led efforts to make Auburn's athletic arenas a more inclusive place for all students and guests. His efforts in the community are currently spent with Bama Covered, a nonprofit focused on healthcare education and enrollment across Alabama.  
Rice University
Hira, a Sugar Land, TX native, is pursuing degrees in Political Science and Policy Studies. Currently working for Teach for America, Hira also interned for the U.S.-U.K. Fulbright Commission, the U.S. House of Representatives, the World Affairs Council of Houston, and various political campaigns. Hira has traveled to London and Shanghai to research the impacts of Islamophobia on Muslim communities. Chosen as a coach for Interfaith Youth Core’s Leadership Institutes, Hira is spending her junior year traveling the country to help coach future interfaith leaders. With interests in religion, public policy and politics, Hira will pursue law school and a career at the Department of State. 
Southern Methodist University
Rahfin, an SMU President's Scholar, is an Economics, Political Science, Public Policy and Religious Studies major with a minor in Mathematics. He intends to pursue a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Public Policy in order to work in the social enterprise sector. Rahfin, the former editor in chief of the SMU student newspaper, has been published in The Dallas Morning News and The Huffington Post. He founded a zero-interest micro finance initiative focused on financial inclusion, and he has interned at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and the U.S. Department of State. 
University of Utah
Tianna is pursuing dual degrees in Honors Political Science and International Studies, and aspires to earn both a JD and an MIA. As an active student leader, she has served as an Honors College Student Ambassador, the Vice Chair of the Student Assembly, and is currently an editor of the Hinckley Journal of Politics. Through various NGO and government internships, including one with the U.S. Department of State’s International Organization Affairs Bureau, Tianna developed a passion for citizen engagement and government transparency. Tianna co-founded the Utah Transparency Project and has also created a mentorship program with a local low-income high school to promote higher education and college success. 
Dartmouth College
A 2011 U.S. Presidential Scholar, Shoshana was homeschooled in Hyde Park, Vermont. After working to overturn a rule banning homeschoolers from competing on sports teams at the local high school, Shoshana competed on the varsity softball team and was the captain of the varsity Nordic ski team and cross-country running team. Shoshana is majoring in Government and minoring in Public Policy with a track in International Development. She is a senior editor for the Dartmouth Law Journal and a writer for the Dartmouth Business Journal, and is a program assistant at the Rockefeller Center where she leads the public speaking group VoxMasters and works in the Policy Research Shop. She is a James O. Freedman Presidential Scholar studying constitutional development and reform in Sub-Saharan Africa, and a Dickey Center for International Studies War and Peace Fellow. Shoshana spent part of this winter traveling through India while studying Indian economic policy development with a group of Dartmouth students led by Professor Charles Wheelan. Last winter, she interned in DC for the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Shoshana is interested in human and civil rights law and plans to attend law school after college.
Cornell University
Teresa is a junior majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations with minors in Spanish, Law & Society, and Inequality Studies. Her passion for the disability community has led her to work on the employment of youth with disabilities in Hyderabad, India, lead therapeutic arts lessons with teen girls in Cusco, Peru, conduct research on siblings of individuals with developmental disabilities in the state of New York, and serve as a disability policy intern in a U.S. Senate Committee. Teresa is a leading advocate in the disability community at Cornell and in her free time also volunteers off campus with a residential program for young adults with disabilities. Teresa aspires to work at the nexus of law and public policy and serve the disability community in the U.S. and abroad.
American University
Eric has just completed a Department of Justice Tribal Meth Fellow, collaborating on community-orientated policing strategies for tribal communities. Eric was formerly a tribal police officer and volunteer firefighter/EMT. He is currently working with tribes on issues ranging from public safety to tribal historic preservation of sacred sites. Eric hopes to attend law school and serve as a tribal attorney. Ultimately, he would like to have a leading role in developing policies to improve the lives of native people through stronger tribal governance. Eric is Gros Ventre/ Assiniboine/ Yakama from the Fort Belknap Indian Community.
West Virginia
United States Military Academy
Cadet Daniel Brad Brownfield, from Doddridge County, West Virginia, is a Civil Engineering major interested in civil-military relations, specifically those pertaining to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers activities.  Brad is the founder of West Point’s Construction Club, which provides construction-related assistance to disadvantaged families in surrounding communities.  While a cadet at West Point, Brad has researched at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers research laboratory in Illinois, is part of an interdisciplinary research team optimizing ultra high-performance concrete (UHPC), and competes in the annual Sandhurst military skills competition, which he hopes to help organize in future years.  He aspires to be a Combat Engineer Officer in the U.S. Army and hopes to use his education and military experience to help increase Corps of Engineers effectiveness regarding critical infrastructure resilience and domestic projects.
Erin SimpsonErin Simpson     
University of Chicago
A proud Wisconsin native, Erin majors in Public Policy. With a focus on social justice through community development, Erin's coursework and community involvement have concentrated on the interdisciplinary issues of neighborhood revitalization. She has worked as a White House Intern for the Domestic Policy Council's Urban Affairs & Economic Mobility team and as an organizer for affordable housing and foreclosure prevention in Chicago neighborhoods.  Erin also directs community service partnerships focused on empowering women and performs improv comedy.