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To: Truman Faculty Representatives
Subject: Notes on the 2016 Truman Scholarship Competition

Welcome to the!  Please be assured that we plan to conduct the same transparent, thoughtful selection process that we hope you have come to expect from the Truman Foundation.  The substance of the application has not changed.  Our criteria for selection has not changed.  The advice and guidance that we provide to you and to your candidates has not changed.  

We have, however, a few reminders:

  • Schools are limited to four traditional nominations.  Institutions may nominate up to three additional candidates who are transfers to their institution.
  • For 2016, schools may nominate up to one additional candidate who is a resident of Delaware.  We did not receive any applications from Delaware in 2015.
  • Candidates from Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and other US Territories should now apply in their junior year;

To access our on-line application, please log-in to the website. You will be directed to your dashboard page and can begin a student application by clicking the link on the right hand side.  If you are having difficulty, please contact us.

A few final reminders:

Registration of Nominees:  You must register a student before he/she can access the online application.  To register a student, you must supply his or her email.  Once you have done so, the system will send the student an email with login credentials.

Guidance for Faculty Reps:  The For Faculty Reps section of our website offers guidance from the Foundation on the application process as well as observations and advice from your colleagues.

E-mail information service exclusively for Truman Faculty Representatives: If you have questions on the competition or the types of candidates sought, contact Tara Yglesias. [Please do not invite candidates to contact the Foundation directly.]

Guidance for candidates: Candidates should consult the For Candidates section of the Foundation's website.

Application Deadline and Notification of Finalists: The Foundation must receive completed applications by February 2, 2016.  The list of Finalists and instructions for the interview will be posted on the Foundation's website by 9:00pm EST, February 26, 2016.